Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Colourful garden

This morning I was feeling much better again. Yesterday I did call the doctor and according to his assistent it was a coincidence that I got sick after taking that tablet. I spend the whole day in bed and was sick several times during the day. In that way anyone would loose weight quickly. But I don't think it was supposed to happen in this way. This morning I doubted whether I should take another tablet. Bearing in mind what the assistent said I did and so far I am feeling fine.

While inside yesterday I did notice the sun shining most of the day and it was simply a lovely day. So this morning when outside I also noticed how colourful the garden is at the moment and here are some photo's to share. It shows also that Autumn is approaching and summer is definitely behind us now.


Anonymous said...

dat een tuin zo mooi kan zijn
en fijn dat je je weer beter voelt

Indelibrella said...

I'm glad you're feeling better!

Love the flowers and your new blog layout! :o)