Monday, September 24, 2007

Beautiful Sunday!

Wow, we had a beautiful Sunday ! Lots of sun and the temperature was just right. We spend the day around the house. The balcony still needed a lick of paint and so far this summer the weather just wasn't right for painting. At least not when my husband had some time off to do so. This weekend was just perfect for painting so he took the chance and managed to finish painting the balcony.

As for me I was recovering from a sneezing and snottering bout and had to catch up on some homework (the house and my studies) so I spent this lovely day doing much needed household chores. In between I managed to do most of the preparation for tomorrow's colleges.

With such good weather it looks as if it gives you energy to do things. At least it made me feel good today. In the afternoon I even found some time to enjoy a rosé d'Anjou with some twisties (a Maltese snack my cyberfriend Sabine send my way). Besides the twisties she also send some helwa ta'tork, another Maltese sweet I used to love. I enjoyed a little bit this past week and lucky for me my kids don't like the look of it, so it's all for me! Jippie!!

We also did a little shopping this weekend and got some autumn flowers for the pots in our garden. Now that de fuchsia's and the geraniums are not flowering so nice anymore it's time for something different as you can see here on the photo's I placed with this blogpost.

See that lovely blue sky on the picture where my husband is painting the balcony. Guess it will take a long time before we see it so nice and blue again. The weatherforecast is not so good for the coming week. Anyway we'll see what the weather will bring.

Wishing all of you a good week!


Dina said...

I had to laugh about the twistees, cause my aunt who has been living in enlgand for the past 34 years always asks me to send her twistees and when I go or she comes we make sure half of the suitcase is full of maltese goodies!!

You mentioned you had to study, what subjects are you studying?

oh and if you like calamari you should enjoy octopus too ;)

Carin said...

Yes I can imagine you had to laugh. It is funny for when we lived in Gozo we asked family and friends to send Dutch goodies over and now it's the other way round.

This year I am studying Statistics, Business law and Tax law.

Though I love calamari I musn't think of it being octopus!

Dina said...

good luck with your studies, studying law must mean lots of reading!!

Carin said...

Thanks Dina.

And yes studying law means lots of reading. It is a tough study but the teacher of Business law brings it very lively and that makes it a little easier to understand. Tax law I already studied at a lower level so there are certain things I already know.