Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Because the weather was not that great to spend time on the camping we decided to drive to Versailles after we visited Giverny.

Here all nationalities come to visit this great place. The castle and gardens are really big. We couldn’t visit the castle itself because there were too many people and those that managed to get tickets to enter the castle had to wait two hours to do so. As we didn’t intend to visit the castle we just looked at that long row of people waiting to go in. Wonder if it is worth the long wait.

We just walked to the back of the castle and overlooked the large garden with lovely white statues everywhere. On the canal at the end of the gardens people where enjoying themselves on the water in rowboats. We walked down and up the long lanes to get a good impression of these gardens.

Luckily it didn’t rain when we were there but later on the way back to the camping it started raining so we ended up eating at McDonald’s (not my favourite place to eat but our youngest still likes it very much).

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