Sunday, July 29, 2007


Even though the weather wasn’t too good we left for France. Our first stop was Camping Val-de-Trie near Abbeville. It was a camping in the forest and we had a nice place so we decided to stay for several days. During those days the kids really enjoyed themselves playing ping pong, swimming and jumping on a trampoline. During daytime we had dry weather but at night the weather was very wet making the place we stood very slippery and messy. The temperature was not cold whatsoever and we even saw the sun most of the day so we could sit near the swimming pool. In fact I now finished the second book of Grace O’Malley. Great story and in the meantime I started reading the third book. Oh holidays are good for us so far.

While staying on that camping we visited Ault (first photo on the right) with high chalk rocks near sea and the Somme Bay (second photo on the right). When we were there the tide was low and it looked funny with boats lying on the shore. It was a lovely sight and we drove around the bay and stopped at several places to enjoy the different views.

We spend 4 nights on this camping and on our last day we visited the town of Abbeville (photo below) where we did some sightseeing and shopping.

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