Thursday, August 02, 2007


So far we have seen many interesting places and holiday weather is turning out quiet good. It’s a pity temperatures cool down in the evening so we can’t sit outside but there is a remedy for that as you can see on the pictures below.

CHEERS! The local drink, Calvados, is not bad at all and gives us a nice, warm feeling.


Indelibrella said...

Looks wonderful! (The drink AND the environment!) Have a good weekend!

Wade said...

It looks as if you are having a lot of fun on your camping trip! Enjoy, and have a great weekend!

Sabine said...

Calvados.......!! That used to be my mum's and her work colleagues' favourite drink. I hated it in the beginning but got used to it LOL. Have never had it again after my mum died, though. Must try it one of these days LOL!

Great photos, by the way! I'm so glad you've been lucky enough to escape the rain!