Wednesday, August 08, 2007


This past week was mostly spent driving everywhere doing lots of sightseeing. The weather was just perfect for that. We saw many interesting places.

On Sunday we spend the whole day near the caravan. It was very hot (nearly 30°C), too hot to do anything. In the early evening we visited Port-en-Bessin, a little harbour place. There we walked over the rocks near the sea and found many lovely, large shells. Of course we collected many to take back home with us.

Here we are in Bayeux finally visiting the tapestry that I wanted to see ever since I read a book about it. It was very busy when we arrived there and we even had to wait in a row before being able to enter. First we watched a small film telling the history of the tapestry and later we walked by the 70 meter tapestry with a small headphone telling us things that could be seen on this historical embroidery. On another day we strolled through Bayeux to discover the town itself.

On Monday we drove to Lisieux, a town of pilgrimage. Therese Martin lived here and she became known because of her memoirs told in “Story of a Soul”. In 1925 she was declared a Saint. I read her memoirs many years ago when I was living in Gozo and I never forgot the story for it touched me deeply. Now I was glad to be able to visit The Basilica in Lisieux and Les Buissonnets (the house where she lived as a girl). We even climbed the dome of the Basilica and enjoyed a wonderful view over the town and over Normandy.

Here you see the statue in the garden of Les Buissonnets where Therese asked her father to allow her to enter the convent.

We also visited Honfleur and walked around the lovely harbour with many places to eat. When in Honfleur we could see the Pont de Normandy in the distance, a bridge crossing the Seine.

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