Friday, August 03, 2007


After waiting nearly the whole day and spending most of the time behind our laptop in the camping bar the results finally came through.

When I first saw them I could hardly believe it for I passed for both subjects. WOW you won't believe how glad I am that I won't have to redo a subject!

So it's back to holidaying now, laptop back in the closet and me back in the sun with that good book I am still reading.

There are a few less daisy's in the garden of the Chateau (see the above picture) for my husband brought me a bunch just now here in the camping bar!

We'll drink an extra Calvados this evening to celebrate the good results.
(Sabine, can't say I like the taste and am still getting used to it. The first nip is the worst and after that it slowly tastes better. Don't think it will ever be a favourite drink of mine.)


Sabine said...

YAY!!! *jump* *jump* (this really calls for a few happy smileys!!!)
Congratulations Carin! :-)

Re Calvados: I know... it gets better once you've had a few LOL!

Indelibrella said...

Congratulations!! Good job on your studies!! :o)

Anonymous said...

Hallo in frankrijk
vogens mij hebben jullie aardig goed weer en al veel gezien
fijn voor jullie
groetjes marietje

Andre said...

Congratulations and Well done :)

BTW - I love Calvados!

Anonymous said...

Nogmaals gefeliciteerd mam

Carin said...

Thanks to all of you!