Sunday, August 26, 2007


Outmarket is the literal translation for Uitmarkt. An event in Amsterdam that opens the new cultural season in Holland. Many theatres open their doors for free to shows that range from classical music and ballet to hiphop, cabaret, literary recitals and film. Besides that, there are stands on the square and surrounding streets selling books or giving information on various cultural events of the new season.

As we are musical fans we left for Amsterdam this morning for the stage where they would practice for the "Musical Sing along Songs" which shows parts of new musicals which will be in the theaters the coming year. This evening they did the real show which we watched just now on TV (nice and comfy on our own sofa).

But this afternoon we made sure we were in time as we wanted a good place to watch. We had to wait a little while but it was worth it for we were right in front and could see very well. After watching several performances we decided to move on as there was so much more to see.
Here we look back on the stage as we walk away.

Crossing the bridge we could see the stage on the right hand side. There was lots of traffic on the waters of Amsterdam. The weather was lovely so it was good day for travelling through the canals of Amsterdam by boat. As for us, well we went by foot and walked along the information and book stands. A little later we came across another stage where a choir was singing Dutch medley's. WOW it gave a typical Dutch feeling, especially when they sang a song about Amsterdam. It was a delight to hear this choir sing.

As we came by tram from the Olympia Stadion where we parked our car we had to walk back a bit to catch a tram. One of our kids had been asking about De Wallen (the red light district) and because we passed this area and saw how many tourists where walking around we went into this well known Amsterdam area. We had never been here before but as you can see on the picture it is a very picturesque area (during daytime). We didn't see any red lights in the streets we walked through. After that we walked on to the Dam where we took a tram back to the parking lot.

On our way home we heard that over half a million people visited the Outmarket this weekend. Must say there were lots of people but it didn't feel uncomfortable at all. In fact we had a lovely day with perfect weather.

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Anonymous said...

jullie hebben weer veel gezien
en geen een.......rode lamp
dan was het daar erg druk
mijn engels word steeds beter
als ik jou verhaaltjes lees
groetjes marietje