Thursday, August 09, 2007

Mont St Michel

Yesterday we visited the Mont St. Michel. We wanted to show the kids this famous place. We found a nice picknick place, near Avranches, to have a coffee. From here we could see the Mont in the distance and we had a nice view over the Bay.

On our way there the weather was very bad and we had heavy rains. Luckily it passed and it was dry when we had our coffee and later when we visited the Mont.

But my how many people where there! It was simply filled and the main street inside up to the top of the Mont was simply packed!! Just awful. So as soon as we could we tried to find some parts where there were not so many people and then we walked around a little before leaving the Mont via the back and walking over the dry Bay back to our car. The tide was low when we visited so we were lucky that was possible.

Though inside the Mont was very crowded and we didn’t like to walk in such a crowd we did enjoy the sight of the Mont in the distance.

When back on the camping we prepared a nice meal on our Skottelbraai and the smiley’s where nice and brown and really smiled at us (as you can see).

The rest of this week will be spend relaxing near our caravan. We still wish to visit Caen and perhaps one last visit to the beach at Longues sur Mer to see the German battery over there, built on a cliff top overlooking the English Channel.

Our intention is to leave Martagny on Sunday and find a new camping place near Rouen for our last holiday week.


Anonymous said...

Zo mooie verhalen weer .nu ga ik alles maar eens opzoeken .LIEFS VAN MIJ .

Anonymous said...

zo zie ik van alles
en kom ik nog ergens
nog een fijne week
groetjes marietje