Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Ever since we bought a reproduction of a painting made by Monet we have wanted to visit his house and the gardens where he painted this painting. This year we had the opportunity to do so.

On our way there we picknicked near the old bridge in Vernon. (see above)

In Giverny it was very busy as many people come to visit this place. Not only Monet made it known but also many other painters that came here to paint because of him. There is a museum showing paintings of these painters.

We only visited Claude Monet’s house. It had a very yellow kitchen and he loved Japanese sketches as we could see them everywhere in the house. I prefer his own paintings to those sketches. In a way it amazed me that he would like such sketches when his own makings are so different.

The gardens are really colourful with all kinds of flowers. To get to the water lily pond we had to pass under the road via a little tunnel and there we saw the little bridge he painted on the picture we have.

The gardens are still lovely and it was a delight to walk through them.

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