Monday, July 30, 2007

Chateau de Martragny

We left Camping Val-de-Trie on a very drowsy Sunday and everything was wet! It was awful and quiet messy but we managed to take everything along without making our caravan too dirty and wet. On our way to Bayeux in Normandy it rained most of the way and it didn’t look like summer holiday’s at all. While driving South we wondered if we were doing the right thing by going to Bayeux. Perhaps we should drive further South to find the better weather. But we really wanted to visit Normandy with all it’s interesting places.

So we decided not to change our destination and just go for Normandy. After visiting several camping’s we finally found a nice campsite on Camping Ch√Ęteau de Martragny near Bayeux. A lovely camping with places around a real castle! It even had a long lane before getting to the castle where the reception was. On both sides of this lane there were campsites. After parking our car we walked around and even behind the castle there were many idyllic places to camp. We found a nice place near the swimming pool and next to some apple trees. Wow, this camping makes me feel like a princess!

And.…….. we could hardly believe it but just after we arrived the rain stopped and the sky turned quiet blue so we were able to put up our tents under a shining sun! That’s better than having to build up in the rain and it gave us such a nice summer feeling!

This camping is within easy reach of the Bayeux Tapestry, the D-Day beaches of June 1944 and Lisieux. So enough to do in this area. But not the first day for the weather was so good and full of sunshine that we spend the whole day in the sun near our tent and next to the swimming pool.

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