Saturday, August 11, 2007

Longues sur Mer

Yesterday we had lovely weather and we visited Longues sur Mer where we visited the remains of a German battery.

On this picture you can see the view from the cliffs at Longues sur Mer. In the distance you can see the Mulberry Harbour of Arromanches. It was a lovely view.

We walked along the battery and saw 4 bunkers from the Atlantic Wall with the cannons still in place. It was an impressive sight. We wanted to spend some time on the beach after that but at Longues sur Mer there were too many pebbles and it wasn't nice at all. So we drove a little further and found a nice place on Omaha Beach. The tide was low so the beach was very big. That reminds me of a few days ago when we returned to Omaha Beach and there was this woman saying "oh, where has my beach gone, it has disappeared!" Well it is funny when you are not used to the tides. After having lived in Gozo for many years where there are no tides and where beaches remain the same size all the time, these tides still amaze me.

Sitting on Omaha Beach I had to think about it's history and about the many life's that ended there so that we could sit on that beach. Above the beach the American flags were fluttering high above the American cemetery for all those brave men.


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Anonymous said...

Carin je hebt wel vaste klanten
maar ze geven niet de juiste datum
heb je dat gezien
vorige 8/11
groetjes marietje

Carin said...

Datum zojuist aangepast. Was wel goed maar Amerikaanse manier van weergeven.