Sunday, August 12, 2007

Les Andelys

Today we left Martragny and went to Les Andelys where we found a nice, large place on a camping near the Seine. From our tent we looked up the hill to the ruins of Ch√Ęteau Gaillard. The ruins were lighted in the evening and it was a wonderful sight. Unfortunately it was too cold in the evening so we couldn’t sit outside for that would have made it even better. Still it was nice to look at.

The Seine is a busy river and we saw all kinds of boats passing by. The one I remember most was a cruise ship that passed by with a cook walking over the deck and a woman sitting on a home trainer on the back of the boat. It looked as if her cycling made the ship go along. While training she waved to us standing on the shore. It was a mighty sight.

On Monday we walked up to the ruins of the castle and enjoyed the fantastic view over the curve in the river Seine. I tried to capture the beauty of the place on this picture.

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