Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Now that the laundry is back in the cupboard the house needs a cleanup but till now I couldn't make myself do it.

What I did do was go into town and buy myself a new cooking book explaining how to prepare normal meals without using ready made things.

First thing I decided to surprise my family with was a lovely, creamy mushroom soup. The recipe looked easy enough and it didn't need too many ingredients.

After spending a few hours in the kitchen the soup was ready to eat and so was the rest of the meal. So I called everybody to come and taste.

For a starter: homemade mushroom soup!! What a pity it didn't look appetising at all. I didn't find the taste that bad but it didn't taste creamy at all. What I did wrong I don't know for I did exactly what the book said but ............??

This is what it should have looked like, perhaps I should give it another try tomorrow................!

In the meantime my family doesn't like to see me looking in that cooking book any more. They are really longing for me to get back to my studies and to my work so that I won't have time to experiment with their meals. In fact just this evening walking in a large shop our daughter showed me the packs of ready made mushroom soup: JUST ADD WATER!! and advised me to buy a few packs. (LOL)

What a pity they are not in for me cooking all kinds of exciting things for there are lovely recipes in that book and aren't homemade things supposed to taste better?


Anonymous said...

hallo carin
ik kijk altijd weer uit
naar wat jij geschreven hebt
je bent weer helemaal thuis
met koken en je hebt de hele
was weer in de kast
en het weer is ook zo lekker
groetjes marietje

Andre said...

Actually food looks nicer on cookery books - maybe the food photographers use loads of photoshop effects!

Indelibrella said...

Hey Carin,

At least you CAN cook! Something I've never been able do. Kudos to you for trying new recipes! :o)