Friday, July 06, 2007

Weather and holidays

The weather is again reason to blog. Today the second part of Holland is starting summer holidays but where is the summer???
Not here in any case for it looks like Autumn outside. So loads of people are booking last minutes to go and find the sun.

We still have two weeks to go before our part of Holland has summer holidays. Hopefully the weather will turn a little better in the mean time. For even though the newspaper writes about people having a nice summer holiday on campings here in Holland, I can hardly believe that to be true. Especially knowing that when camping in this weather everything becomes cold and moist. Just a little bit of sun would be enough to make it so much better!

Even though the weather isn't that nice we are really looking forward to summer holidays. Just now I looked back at the photo's of last summer when the weather was much too hot most of the time. But even then our last day's were quiet rainy as you can see on the picture below when the kids where watercycling on Lac de Gerardmer. The first picture above is taken in Ornans a lovely village on the river Loue and the other photo is taken in Arbois on the camping.

Seeing all these pictures I can hardly wait to pack the caravan and go roaming around Europe again!

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