Thursday, July 12, 2007


I have been tagged by Sabine to write about 6 weird things concerning myself.

Here comes:

1. I hate to iron, so I fold washed clothes very carefully when dry and then place them beneath a large pile of clothes in the cupboard hoping the wrinkles will disappear.

2. After dinner, when the dishes must be done, I always need to use the toilet and it takes a while before I come out (in the meantime my husband starts cleaning up and when I return it is usually all done).

3. I love studying while most people my age hate it.

4. I prefer spending my time behind a computer to doing some kind of sport.

5. When I have a lot of time I do nothing and when I hardly have any time I manage to do a lot.

6. I always need to place a picture by a blogpost. So that's why there is this picture of a weird bird above.

And now for the toughest part for I am supposed to tag 6 people but that's a problem. My weblog friends have already been tagged. Sorry Sabine I'll think about this one but right now I wouldn't know who to tag.


Anonymous said...

hoe kan het dan altijd zo netjes zijn?

Anonymous said...

hoe kan het dan altijd zo netjes zijn?

Andre said...

I too try and post a pic with each post!

Thanks for the tip on how to avoid doing the dishes :D