Wednesday, July 11, 2007

St Monica Alumni

Looks like I am getting into contact with former boarders of St Monica School again for one of the boarders started a family site for all boarders of about 25 years ago.

Of course I joined in the fun and am now able to see recent photo's of friends I lived with many years ago. Funny is that there are some people that hardly change at all and there are others I would never have recognized. One photo in particular made me look at it several times and very deeply to see if I could discover even a slight resemblance to the girl I remember from many years ago. But till now I still don't see it.

So not this blog is making the contact life again but a family site. Hopefully each and every one of us former boarders knows an e-mail address of someone so that we can trace many girls. That would be great.

Here are some photo's taken by Mathy when she visited St Monica School in Mosta. I forgot that the convent is surrounded by high walls and a gate. My doesn't it look like a prison.....
This convent was used as a boarding house for the younger boarders and this is were I spend a few years before going to boarding school in Birkirkara.


Anonymous said...

iam a morning person love mam

Anonymous said...

Wow! I went to St. Monica's when I was in Kindergarten and part of 1st grade. I remember the walkway-like in your photo, and the door/porch. I remember the courtyard where we had playtime. We moved to the States in about 1968. Thanks for the photos!


Annie said...

I went to St. Monica's School from 1983 to end of 1984(4th and 5th grade). I went to the one in Birkirkara. I was born in Taiwan, lived in Saudi Arabia before going to Malta. I left Malta end of 84 due to political problems between the private schools and the Maltese government. I came to the United States. I recognize the winter uniforms, but not any of the girls. It is wonderful that you started this website to find St. Monica Alumni.

JANE said...

I was very pleased to come across your site. I was a boarder at St. Monica School in Birkirkara Malta during the years 1989 to 1991. My friends are Monica, Marian, Mwiya,Nanvula, Gertrude and many others. Thank you for initiating this website
Geotechnical Engineer
Michigan, USA

Anonymous said...

I boarded from 1979-1984. I couldn't enlarge the photo, but remember those winter uniforms! I had Sister Helen in 4th grade, Sister Carmen in 5th grade, Sister Navigia in 6th....and can't remeber my form I or II teachers. Sister Nancy...I believe she became Mother Superior was my boarding mother hen!

Sharmin said...

Hi My name is Sharmin(was pronounced as Charmaine) by Sister Augustine and I was a boarder from 1983-1989. I remember you very clearly Jane and Maesa you too. I think I remember a little of you too Anne. I was at the B'Kara School. I have tried several times to look out for my old friends until I came to this site today. Anyways if anyone wants to keep in touch with me I am at and Thank You Carin for setting this up. It;s great. I am also looking desperately for my india friend Sheeba Siddiqi.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I may have posted here already but will do so again. My name is Doris. I was a boarder at St Monica B'kara. I used to stick around alot with the yugoslav girls Olivera and Liliana. I have been trying to contact them for ages now but failed. Thank you for this site. It's the best!

Carin said...

Hi Doris, If you visit here again do send me an e-mail via my contact address so that I can make you a member of St Monica Alumni. Sorry to say so far we didn't find Olivera and Liliana yet but we are in contact with many others that are on the picture I posted at the side of my blog.