Sunday, July 08, 2007

Kinderdijk & Rotterdam

Yesterday evening on my way to celebrate the 70th birthday of my favourite uncle I passed this wonderful windmill. It was a sunny evening and it would have made a lovely photo. Unfortunately I didn't have my camera with me so I can't share that windmill.

In 2005 we made a daytrip to Kinderdijk & Rotterdam and those pictures I can share and here you see the little road you can walk or cycle over in Kinderdijk to see all those windmills. Kinderdijk is one of the major attractions of Holland for foreign visitors.
After Kinderdijk we visited Rotterdam and made a boattrip through the harbour.
Rotterdam is famous for its modern, large harbour. Once the biggest in the world and nowadays still the biggest harbour in Europe.

One of the large containerships we saw many of in the harbour.The skyline of Rotterdam, with the Erasmusbrug in the middle, on our way back to the centre of Rotterdam where we will disembark.

Between two skyscrapers the building of the former headquartes of the Holland-America Line is still intact.

Holland America was founded in 1873 as the Netherlands-America Steamship Company (NASM), a shipping and Passenger line. Because it was headquartered in Rotterdam and provided service to the Americas, it became known as Holland America Line (HAL).

And guess what, just now I read on the internet that the headquartes of the Holland America Line is back in Rotterdam for they opened a Rotterdam headquarters near the original line's headquarters on Wilhelmina Pier on February 28, 2007.

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I love those windmills! Yes, I'd be the typical tourist. LOL!