Monday, July 23, 2007

Holiday weather

Can't say the weather forecast for Normandy is making me feel very happy right now and slowly I am starting to wonder if it wouldn't be better to plan another holiday destination.

Supposedly we should be taking of to roam around Normandy in France one of these days but I wonder if we will do so. Looking at the weatherforecast for the whole of France the best weather is around Marseille and that is a long way from where we live.

Perhaps we should take a last minute and fly of to Malta, well that would be great but temperatures there are too high for us and we would melt if we went there. Besides that we are nearly ready for take of and we love camping around and discovering new places. So all we ask is no rain, a little sun and temperatures of around 23 degrees C. That would be just perfect holiday weather for us.

Oh why is it is so difficult at times and why can't the weather in Europe not be a little more constant?


Sabine said...

Bummer! I'm sorry for you... :( But about weather in Europe to be more constant - could it be more constant??! At least it does seem like it's raining constantly.

Well, I know how it sounds, but right now I'd just love a nice thunderstorm and temps around 15° - in Malta it's around 34° right now (10.30 am), maximum is going to be 37°. No breeze at all, humidity at around 70% - it was 75% earlier. I am slowly melting away!!

Anonymous said...

wij willen ook wel een standvastige zomer
normandie is nooit zo goed met het weer dus ga een andere kant uit
toch wens ik jullie een fijne vakantie

Carin said...

Haha Sabine, you're right, I hadn't realised it, but the weather has been constant. Only not the constant way I like it.
Oh yes and I can understand you wishing for a thunderstorm and lower temperatures! If I could I would send some of what we have here your way.

Tante Rietje leuk dat je hier reageert. Bedankt voor de de vakantiewensen.

Anita said...

Ik hoop dat jullie TOCH mooi weer hebben.
Een hele fijne vakantie allemaal en tot gauw ziens.

Groetjes Aniya

ps. ik ga zondag nar zuid spanje en heb 35 graden. Dat mag ook wel iets minder.

Wade said...

I hope the weather gets better for you soon! I had a weeks vacation last week and it rained the whole time...not to mention my dad came to visit too for 4 days and we couldn't even sit outside and have a fire! Hang in there Carin! it will get better! Be well, Wade