Thursday, June 28, 2007

Time to relax

Funny after having been so busy for such a long time it really feels queer having back some free time. When in the midst of my studies I never notice how much time it is really costing me but now that I don't have to study it feels strange.

Not that I have nothing to do but something seems to be missing. There are things that really need to be done around the house and garden that I just let be while studying and I had no problems doing so. But now that there is enough time to do them again they keep looking at me and I can't make myself do them.

When I returned home from work this afternoon and saw that the sun was shining nicely the first thing I did was get out the lazy chair and enjoy a nice cup of tea outside in the sun simply doing nothing else. It really felt good and I even fell asleep for a little while. Oh that gorgeous sun felt really great!

The coming days I will surely start picking up the things that need to be done but for now I am just cherishing my free time and looking forward to more to come when summer holidays will start in a few weeks time.


Anonymous said...

Nu Wilbert nog een stoel dan heeft de hele familie hem

Indelibrella said...'ve earned it!