Sunday, June 17, 2007


The day didn't start as early as we thought it would for the little ones woke up around 7.15 a.m. and that's not bad at all. Their parents were really surprised and we told them it must be the good air here in the East of Holland (pssssssssst we didn't tell them we woke them up again after they left and let them walk up and down the stairs several times before putting them back into bed, see what that exercise was good for!).

No that's not true for I am just joking but we were pleased they didn't wake us that early on Sunday morning. After waking up the day passed very quickly and here you see it is nearly 6 p.m. and our backyard is waiting for the hard workers to come and eat. Can you imagine: here we were waiting with the food ready on time, goes the phone: "we are coming half and hour later!" What to do with chickenburgers that are already good enough to eat! I turned the fire a little lower but couln't prevent some of them getting a little black. When they finally came they didn't seem to mind at all for they were hungry enough!

Just now I cleaned up the mess and I will see if I can get myself to study a little for my first exam is this coming Thursday. But ............... I think I will leave the studying bit for today and go and sit outside, with my feet high while enjoying a nice and cold "Rosé d'Anjou". Mmmmmmmmmmmm


Anonymous said...

Ziet er heel gezellig uit .Wie is die man naast Martien?

Anonymous said...

Ja nu zie ik wie het is .Door de zon kreeg hij die blonde kuif .