Saturday, June 09, 2007

Nice and quiet around the house

Our youngest is spending the weekend at footballcamp and that means it is very quiet around the house.

My husband is helping out around the camp and our other son is helping my brother and my sister-in-law in their new house.

So it is a girl's climate around this house: nice and quiet! Perfect for me to catch up with my studies. In the background I am listening to Roger Hodgson's CD "In the eye of the storm" which I ordered from

Must say I am liking his music.

P.S. Don't misunderstand me for I love to have everybody around the house so the nice and quiet bit is just for a weekend good but not much longer for I would start missing all the normal happenings that make this household very chaotic at times!

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Sabine said...

Yay! We have a Roger Hodgson convert!! I'm happy you like his music! :-)

I love peace and quiet around the house - nothing wrong with that! Actually, the chaotic days in our house are over, 'cos everyone grew up. But I can't say I miss chaos & noise!!