Saturday, June 16, 2007


My brother and his family are busy in their new home at the moment. They are moving from the centre of Holland to the East (near the German border). They will be coming to live only 15 minutes by car from where we live and that is the first time in my life that family lives so close by.
At the moment our household is also very chaotic because of their moving but it is also very "gezellig". A typical Dutch word for fun time! Our shower has never been used so much! Even this evening we had 6 extra people taking a shower for they still don't have warm water in their new home. Besides that the whole family is spending the night here so that means 5 extra beds around the house. Well that is fun but there is only a slight bad part and that is that they have "early morning kids" and we are not used to that anymore. Not that I wake up that late in the morning but according to my sister-in-law their kids are even earlier than me. We shall see tomorrow morning and who cares anyway for it is fun having them around the house. Tomorrow their kids are staying here while my brother and his wife will be working in their house. Of course before picking them up in the evening they would like to have a nice, hot meal and they are bringing two more people along to eat here. So that means preparing a meal for 12 people. That did keep me occupied for a while wondering what I should prepare that everybody likes to eat and also easy to prepare. I think I managed to find something.
Don't worry about me because I am enjoying all this and am finding it a very "gezellig" time. Hope the little guy of nearly 2 years old will not be too sad tomorrow when he sees his mum and dad leaving him here. At least his brother and sister are staying here too and that makes it easier om him. It is so nice having them around the house and go back to taking care of little kids for a day.
Wishing all of you a nice Sunday!

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Hoe kom je aan 12eters ?