Sunday, May 06, 2007


It's already a week ago we left on Sunday morning for Potsdam and Berlin. We stayed in Potsdam and on our first and last day we discovered Potsdam. My dad had told me about Sanssouci and I guess the name itself has always made me want to see it.

Well here are some photo's of our time in Potsdam.
This is the Art'otel in Potsdam where we stayed.
After checking in and leaving our luggage in our rooms we went for a walk through Park Charlottenhof en Park Sanssouci. In fact it is one very big park with lots of greenery and many palaces.
This is Schloss Charlottenhof with wonderful tulip beds next to it. This is part of the Neue Palais. I liked the angels on the wall. There are many figures on top of the palace and in one of my books it said that there once was a general who said very sarcasticly that it was busier on the roof than in the streets surrounding the palace. And finally here is Schloss Sanssouci and it felt great to see it after wishing to do so for many years. We finished the first day in a little Trattoria eating pizza and my husband had a Berliner Weisse to go with it. On our last day our feet were killing us so much and there was still so much we wanted to see in Potsdam we decided to rent some bikes. First we cycled through Park Babelsberg. On this picture you see Glienicke Bridge as seen from Park Babelsberg. On this picture we are approaching Glienicke Bridge from the Berlin side. We cycled over the bridge back into Potsdam. This is the Cecilienhof Palace (the scene of the Potsdam Conference in 1945 at which the allied leaders met to decide the future of Germany and postwar Europe in general). After that we cycled to the Belvedere on the Pfingstberg and my it was a climb to get there but it was worth it for this building has already been totally renovated and looks really nice. From there we rolled down the hill to the centre of Potsdam.

Before returning our bikes we cycled through the Hollandisches Viertel with typical Dutch houses. Like our daughter remarked: "typical" for a certain part in Holland for we don't live in such a house or such a street.

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