Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Mum's taxi

Every now and then I saw these car's passing by with this sticker on the back saying: "mum's taxi". Today my car felt like mum's taxi as I spend nearly the whole day driving hither and thither. The weather was so bad that it was no fun going by bike and we felt really sorry for those kids we saw doing their bike examination while we were sitting nice and dry in our car.

Indeed it looked as if the rain that didn't fall in April is now coming down all at once. The past one and a half week we have had really lousy weather and it doesn't look as if it is going to end. We were lucky we made these little corner's in our garden when the weather was still good.

Well the soil and the plants must be feeling happy with all this rain but I must say that it is getting at me already even though I am inside most of the time studying.

Today even hailstones fell down so that's why I was glad to be able to use the car as a taxi to take our daughter first to the doctor and then on to hospital to give some blood to check it for anaemia. While she had to go I thought I might as well let them check my cholesterol as that is a hot item over here. Nowadays you can even let them check your cholesterol in a supermarket every now and then but that's not for me as I prefer to do it in the normal way.

After getting home I grabbed a cup of coffee before having to drive her to school as it was pouring outside. In between I managed to do some shopping as tomorrow supermarkets are closed.

In the afternoon I had to take one of our other kids to the orthodontist to see if he needs braces. Luckily for him and for us (as we have to pay the bills) it didn't look as if he would be needing braces but they want to check him again in over a year, after he has changed all his milk teeth.

From there I rushed over to school again to pick up our daughter. So indeed I felt like a taxi driver and unfortunately the day is nearly over now as I have to start preparing dinner.

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