Tuesday, May 15, 2007

A Mother

We don't celebrate Mother's Day as we find it has become a much too commercial day. Still 2 of my kids did remember mother's day. Our youngest because at primary school they always make something for such occasions and our daughter gave me a really sweet present when I least expected it just because she wanted to do so.

Besides that I always have a little gift for my own mum at home just in case I see her that special day. Well I didn't see her so the present is still lying here waiting to be given to her!

Surfing over the internet I came across this poem about Who is a mother?

Who is a mother?
a mother is a woman,
a wife,
a child-bearer
and a home maker.

Who is a mother?
A mother is a great teacher,
a knowledge passer,
a great mentor
and a hope planter.

Who is a mother?
a mother is a foreseer
a future builder,
a great thinker
and a role-model.

Who is a mother?
a mother is a motivator,
a creative person,
a talent flourisher
and a potential unlocker.

Who is a mother?
a mother is a problem solver,
a peace maker,
a sensitive person
and a risk taker.

Who is a mother?
a mother is a compassionate person,
a shoulder to lean on,
and the first person to talk to,
in times of crises.

written by helen araromi

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