Thursday, May 31, 2007

Fan of............?

No I have never been a real fan of whatever music band. I always liked listening to the music of Abba, Smokey, Boney M, etc. and to much more music of which I never knew who made it or was singing it. But now, due to reading weblogs of Roger Hodgson fans, I started being interested and wanted to know what his music sounds like. So I listened to a song on Sabine's blog and it rang a bell for it sounded familiar.

Just now my husband returned home and saw me surfing the internet for cd's of Roger Hodgson for I thought I might as well go and buy a cd to listen to his music. And what a surprise for there seems to be a cd of Roger Hodgson somewhere in this house without me even knowing it. Well not of him solo but when he was part of Supertramp. So there I was pulling open drawers and closets with cd's and rushing from one room to the next trying to find it (with 3 teenagers around the house you just have to look everywhere when you are looking for something, especially cd's!). And guess what I found it and right now here I am enjoying the music of Supertramp and beginning to understand the fan bit a little. Not enough to go up to the Biddinghuizen in Holland where he will be participating in the Arrow Rock Festival on 30th June 2007. Kathy travelled all the way to Niagara Falls to see him perform and here he is much closer (only 106 km from where we live) and I am not even thinking of going. Well I guess that's what fans are for. But thanks for letting me know about him and his music for it really sounds great.


Sabine said...

Hey Carin, that's great that you like the music! And that I managed to infect you just a little bit *grin* Supertramp & Roger Hodgson have been my all-time favourites - the original Supertramp though, not so much the "post-Roger" era Supertramp ;)

(by the way, did you receive my e-mail the other day??)

Indelibrella said...

Give it time,'ll be hooked before you know it! :o)

Thanks for the pingback, BTW!

Wade said...

I've also loved Roger's music for years, both with Supertramp and solo. Glad to see we have another "fan" on our hands! Heehee!