Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Berlin Day 2

There is so much to discover in Berlin that we were lucky to have a second day to do so. First of all we made a boat trip on the Spree, discovering Berlin from the riverside. Here we are approaching the Berliner Dom. Because of the lovely weather there were many places to sit on the riverside. These places were all very colourful and looked nice and cozy to sit down and relax a bit. After leaving the boat we made for one of those relaxing places. To get there we passed behind the Reichstag and saw the memorial crosses for the victims of the wall. On this picture we are strolling over the promenade along the Spree. The Bode museum and the Fernsehturm are in the distance. Ah there is that nice and cozy place! Here we enjoyed a little rest and had a Berliner Weisse while watching the boats passing by. Later we walked on to the Hackische Höfe.
From there we walked on to the area surrounding the Nikolai Kirche.

And from there to the Museum Island. Here is the Altes Museum and on the right hand side is the Berliner Dom.

From there we walked on to the Gendarmenmarkt, a famous square in Berlin.

By then our feet were even worse than the day before so we walked to Unter den Linden where we took a bus to the Potsdamer Platz as we had not seen the Sony Center the day before. And my it was worth going there. What a construction! Lovely to see. On the first picture we are inside the Center looking outside and the second picture is taken looking up to the "ceiling" of the Sony Center.

Well we found a nice place to eat in the Sony Center so we spend some time there before taking the U-bahn to Charlottenburg Palace.

As especially our youngest son wanted to see the Olympia Stadium that was our last stop in Berlin before taking U-bahn, S-bahn and train back to our hotel in Potsdam.

Berlin was worth the visit and it really impressed me. I can recommend it to anybody who wishes to visit a city. If I ever return to Berlin I shall surely try to plan a visit to the Pergamon museum on Museum Island for I have seen pictures on the internet and the collection it houses looks really great. So perhaps one day..........

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