Monday, May 07, 2007

Berlin Day 1

Berlin impressed me!
What a wonderful city and what a space there is everywhere. It is a city busy renewing old buildings and creating modern new buildings. Old and new are close together in this city that is developing itself very quickly. Of course it has an awful history which confronts you at many locations. This history makes me very sad and very angry at the same time.
Our first day in Berlin was spend walking past most well known historical monuments. Our first sight of Berlin was the Hauptbahnhof where we got off the train. It is a very modern building and it stands in a very open area with the river Spree right in front of it. We walked along the Spree to the Reichstag which we would have liked to enter but on seeing the long queue we decided not to do so. From the Reichstag it is only a small walk to the Brandenburger Gate.
Here I am on the Unter den Linden side of the gate. We walked a little over Unter den Linden before turning right to visit the Holocaust Memorial. Here we are on Potsdamer Platz where they placed parts of the wall where it used to be. Here we could read about the history of the wall. On the Potsdamer Platz they build these very high buildings and I think it is a good symbol of the new Berlin. To realise what has been realised here in a relatively short time you should see the pictures of what it looked like just after the wall came down.

From te Potsdamer Platz we walked to Checkpoint Charlie.
Here you see a replica of the cabin as the original cabin has been placed in a museum.

By then our feet were killing us so we took the U-bahn to the KaDeWe a big warehouse near the Gedächtniskirche. The church is located on the Kurfürstendamm, one of the most famous avenues in Berlin.

Before taking the train back to our hotel we walked along the Kurfürstendamm. We didn't buy a thing as prices here are much too high for us.


Sabine said...

Hey, finally you made it!! :-) I totally forgot that you were going in May... time really DOES fly! I think you've seen more of Berlin in a day than I did in two weeks LOL!! Glad you liked it though. :-)

Carin said...

Yep, we really liked it!