Thursday, May 17, 2007

Ascension Day

Today is Ascension Day, a public holiday here in The Netherlands. If possible the Friday after is taken as a holiday too so that you will have a nice, long weekend. This year my husband was lucky as he also got Friday off. So we are in for a long weekend.

Traditionally we should have gotten up very early this morning to go for a walk or bikeride in the countryside. There are still people in this part of the country that get up early to do so. But not us as we prefer to wake up a little later and spend the day doing whatever we feel like.

Looking at the weather forecast that is promising us even more rain we won't be spending much time outside today!

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Indelibrella said...

What a wonderful reason to take some time out to enjoy some of God's creations! Hope you had a good day. :o)