Monday, May 28, 2007

2nd Pentecost day

Today is a public holiday in The Netherlands and we call it 2nd Pentecost day. Most people like to spend this day visiting furniture boulevards. Not for us though! It is much too busy in those boulevards on such days. The weather is making people go there today for it has been raining a little most of the day so far. In fact Ikea is doing well as the radio just now mentioned traffic jams on the way there.

As our youngest is crazy about horses he left early this morning with his dad and a friend to visit the Achterhoekse Horsedays not far from where we live.

For me it is a nice and quiet day supposed to be spend studying most of the time. However this morning I decided to watch the Da Vinci Code movie on TV. We had the film at home but so far I didn't find any time to watch it. It was a good film and I did enjoy it but I still prefer the book to the film. A book is able to describe so much more and therefore adds more suspence to the story. I read the book a year ago so the film was a kind of reminder of the book. In my opinion you will understand the film much better if you have read the book first. The film reminded me of our visit to the Louvre museum in Paris over a month ago. In fact I should have seen the film before so that I would have looked for the places you see in the film.

Yesterday morning our daughter returned from a daytrip to Paris with school. All Form III students of their school left early Saturday morning for Paris. They arrived in Paris at around 10.00 am and left Paris at 10.00 pm. So they had a nice long day in Paris. They visited the Dôme des Invalides with Napoleon's grave and made a boat trip on the Seine. Besides that they went to see the Notre Dame and Montmartre and climbed the Eiffel tower. They returned home early yesterday morning and had terrific fun but were dead tired. Most of them will have spend the day in bed yesterday. As for me well I was very glad that she returned home safe and sound. For though we wish our kids to do such things it always leaves me at home hoping everything will go well.

Now I am off to do some housework before getting back to my studies. Have a nice day!

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