Saturday, April 14, 2007

Walt Disney Studios

Walt Disney Studios is the 2nd park of Eurodisney in Paris. It is a lovely park though much smaller than Disneyland. It's the place to meet "moviestars". So that's the way the Disney figures present themselves.

Here you see a girl getting a signature of Minnie Mouse. To get signatures and take a picture with a "movie star" you have to wait in a long row for there are many people wanting to do so.

The first thing we did was take a studio tram tour. This tour took us around various sets of films and along the road you could see objects that have been used in Disney films.
At one of the sets they made us feel the effects of an earthquake and the whole bus started moving. This triggered fire and made lots of water come down. It looks more frightening on the picture then it is. In fact it amazed me how they could force such a reaction.

In this park there was also a lovely parade and we were lucky for we stood at the end of the parade and here all Disney figures got out of the cars and walked around a little before waving goodbye.

Here again we enjoyed ourselves very much and were very lucky to have such nice weather.

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