Sunday, April 15, 2007

Tulip fields

Sometimes it is better known what places are worth visiting further from home then what nice things there are to see close to where you live. At least that counted for me on Friday. The newspaper showed such lovely large tulip fields quiet close to where we live and we didn't even know about them. So yesterday we went to have a look.

Several years ago we went cycling in the west of Holland, the part where the Keukenhof is and where you can find large fields of flowers. That time it was lovely to see all those large fields of flowers but the traffic was high and at times it was no fun cycling there at all.

So yesterday it was a delight to see these tulip fields so close to home. Besides that the weather is like summer here in Holland so it is sunny and warm, making everything look even more wonderful.


Indelibrella said...

Beautiful flowers! Thanks, Carin!

You can see more tulips right here on Wade's website and he's right here in the good ol' USA! Enjoy!

Carin said...

Thanks for sending the link. I already saw those lovely photo's and let Wade know how they surprised me as Holland is supposed to be known for the flowers, yet where he lives there are so many more. Funny eh? Americans coming to Holland to see the tulip fields while up in Washington State these fields are so much nicer and bigger.