Sunday, April 01, 2007

Palm Sunday

It is a tradition in this area that on Palm Sunday children make a Palm Sunday stick. The stick has the form of a cross and on top of the stick there is a hen, being a symbol of Jezus. A hen crows at daybreak, waking you up to let you know the light is coming. For the rest the stick is decorated with green buxus leaves, referring to Jezus entering Jeruzalem on a donkey and the people waving welcome with palm leaves. The stick should also be decorated with round things referring to the circle of life and the circle of a year. After decorating the stick the kids can join others and walk in a procession around town to church.

The reasons for decorating a stick in the form of a cross on Palm Sunday are not known by most Dutch children. They decorate the stick for the fun of doing so.

When our kids were younger I used to decorate a stick for them and surpise them with it on Palm Sunday morning. The last time I did so was in 1999 when they ate their stick empty much faster than I could decorate it.
Here are some pictures so show you.

Nowadays, primary school kids living in our neighbourhood can go and search for Easter eggs. A neighbour, dressed up as an Easter hare, walks around the neighbourhood to pick up the kids and takes them to a field where they can search for eggs. Those who find the gold and silver egg win a little prize. Today our youngest son was lucky as he found the golden egg so he won a prize: a game called lingo.

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Indelibrella said...

What an awesome tradition! I had never heard of the Palm Sunday stick before, so thanks for sharing.

Happy Palm Sunday to you and your family!