Tuesday, April 10, 2007

No traditional Easter

No traditonal Easter for us this year as we went to visit Paris and Eurodisney. We left early Friday morning to cover the nearly 600 km we had to go. The ride went quiet smoothly, we just had to wait in Antwerp for a car accident and later on it took some time to pay the fee at the tollgate (for the highway we drove from Lille to Paris). Well anyway the sun was shining bright and it really felt good, just like Summer holidays.

When we arrived in Paris we took the metro to visit the hightlights of Paris: Sacre Coeur, Arc de Triomphe, Eiffeltower, Notre Dame and the Louvre museum.

On this picture we are up the hill near the Sacre Coeur and our son spotted the Eiffeltower in the distance: for him the best known building in Paris.

Perhaps you can also see the silhouet of the Eiffeltower in the distance on this picture.

After visiting the Sacre Coeur we returned to the metro to travel a short while to get above ground just to see the Champs Elyssees and its busy trafic and to take some pictures in front of the Arc de Triomphe. Then we travelled on to the Eiffeltower and it amazed the kids that it was such a large building. Well from a distance it does look small but when you come near it is a very high and big tower.

We walked a little along the Seine and later we took a bus. This bus stopped right in front of McDonald's and as we were very hungry that's were we ate in Paris. Imagine: in Paris eating at McDonald's! Well it's not very romantic but the kids enjoyed it and at least our stomaches were filled so we could move on again.

After relaxing a bit we walked to the Notre Dame. By then our feet were already killing us but we really wanted to see some more of Paris.

Distances are long in Paris and you can do a lot by metro but you will see nothing. So we just walked on and really enjoyed all of it in spite of our aching feet. It was so much fun to show our kids all those highlights of Paris and they really enjoyed seeing them.

We also entered the Louvre museum to show them the Mona Lisa. Our kids agreed to come along if we would just go to see the Mona Lisa and then leave again. So we did. In the meantime we passed so many lovely paintings (much nicer I think then the Mona Lisa) that I decided I must return one day to spend more time in this museum.

We returned to our "bungalow"at Davey Crocket Ranch around 10.30 pm and all we could do was fall onto our beds into a deep sleep and dream of all those millions of people that surrounded us today! My what a busy city Paris is and how crowded it is everywhere.

Even though there were so many people and our feet were killing us we really enjoyed our visit to Paris and if we ever get a chance we shall surely visit Paris again.


Anonymous said...

Een leuk verhaal en foto,s MAM

Indelibrella said...

How cool! Thanks for sharing the pics!