Thursday, April 26, 2007


This is the outside waterslide in Embricana, Emmerich. The boys had a wonderful Sunday afternoon and we enjoyed the sun by relaxing on one of the lazy chairs they had there. The temperature was just right for sitting in the sun. Around 22 degrees C.

In the meantime the temperature has gone up to 28 degrees C during daytime and that is much too hot to sit in the sun. So I spend most of the time in the shade or inside, where it is just a little cooler.

Indeed it is funny weather we are having over here. Just now the news said it hasn't been this hot in April for a very long time. Besides that it is very dry outside and there is lots of dust everywhere.

Funny weather we are having right now but you won't hear me complaining though I prefer it a little cooler. Around 23 degrees C is warm enough for me and a very nice temperature to stay fit. At work it is difficult to remain very productive after lunchtime because by then our office has become a sauna! This afternoon I tried opening all windows but it didn't cool down at all. Good thing we have a week holiday coming along next week. So hopefully the weather will stay like this for it is perfect holiday weather. Weatherforecasts predict it will do so, so we have a nice week to look forward to.

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Indelibrella said...

Looks like an early summer! :o)