Friday, April 13, 2007


This is what you see when you approach the parking place of Eurodisney near Paris. The first day we arrived later on in the day and there was no queue of cars waiting to enter. On the other days we went there, there was always a long row of cars slowly passing the entrance gates.

Look at the clear blue sky, we were lucky as we had lovely weather those days.

Eurodisney Paris has two parks and this post is about Disneyland, the biggest of the two and also the park best known by everybody.

Here you see Big Thunder Mountain. This was really cool according to our kids. I don't like rollercoasters so I didn't take a ride.

My favourite attraction in Disneyland was and still is "It's a small world". I remembered it from 13 years ago and really wanted to see it again. We were lucky for we went in twice. The first time we had to wait in a long row to enter but later in the evening the rows were much shorter so we went again.

I knew then where to find the Dutch scene and here is the picture I took.

The kids also loved Autopia where they could "drive" their own car. They spend over an hour waiting to make a ride and according to them it was worth the long wait for they really enjoyed it.

Well we spend two days in Disneyland and we really had fun in spite of the vast amount of people and even though queues were very long. At several attractions we were able to get a fast pass and then you don't have to wait so long for you will know at what time you can enter an attraction within several minutes.

We took nearly 300 pictures in Eurodisney, so I won't post them all here but here is just one more of Disneyland: the Sleeping Beauty Castle. It really looked lovely with that clear blue sky in the background.

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