Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Computer problems

After a very busy but fun weekend we are all back to work or to school. The weather has turned much less friendly and it even feels cold outside.

With a week extra to do my homework, due to second Easter day which we celebrate here in Holland, there is enough time to try to solve a computer problem I have. But do you think I can solve it: NO! and this really bugs me. So perhaps there is someone out there reading this who can help me.

The problem concerns the startpage, for this Yahoo page you see here keeps coming as my startpage and even though I tried deleting it and put in another startpage it just keeps coming back.

One of our kids (they always get the blame, ha ha) must have done something to make this happen but so far I haven't been able to undo it and make the computer do what I want it to do. So if you might know how I can solve this problem please, please do let me know!


Indelibrella said...

It sounds like your browser has been hijacked by spyware.

Try downloading the free version of Ad-Aware here:


Run a complete scan and quarantine and/or remove those nasty things, then try setting your homepage again.

Another good free one to try is Spybot. Download that one here:


Good luck, and let us know if it worked! :o)

Carin said...

Thanks Kathy, As soon as I have some time I shall try it out.