Sunday, March 25, 2007


Jippie, summertime is here!
And it looks like the weater is going along, at least for the coming days. This morning I woke at my normal hour and that was an hour later on the clock then yesterday and guess what: the sun was already shining! Really nice weather to awaken to and it made me jump out of bed quickly so that I won't miss any more daytime.

For me this is the best time of year. Looking forward to summer, days slowly getting longer, bearable temperatures and hopefully not too many rainy and cloudy days.

Won't be able to enjoy much sunshine today though for I have a lot of homework to catch up with but surely I will try to get out a little just after lunchtime (when the temperature should be at its best).

Wishing all of you a nice Sunday!

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Ja heerlijk he