Thursday, March 22, 2007

Letting go is so difficult!

Pffff yesterday passed by quickly and our daughter returned home safe and sound. She went to Amsterdam the whole day with school and they did a lot with the whole group but in between they had some free time too and that's when they took this picture.

So they were allowed to roam around Amsterdam on their own. Knowing our daughter we didn't worry too much about that but we did warn her before she went. Besides that we took care that she took her mobile phone along so we could reach her and she could reach us. According to her we fussed too much and there was no need to worry. And of course she is right but I guess that's what you are a parent for: to worry every now and then. Forgetting that we were young ourselves and that even I lived in Holland on my own for several years. That time I was only 17 and just left a very secluded boarding school. So my parent's must have worried a lot but they gave me that trust and that chance. Thanks mum and dad for doing so.

Still I am glad everything went well. In a few months she will be going to Paris for a whole day with school and being a parent most probably I will fuss all over again. It is fun to see them growing up but it is difficult to let them go!

Here are some pictures our daughter took in Amsterdam yesterday. We had lovely weather (but cold) over here in the East but in the West it was a drairy day!


Indelibrella said...

I think I'd worry if you DIDN'T fuss! :o)

Anonymous said...

Op de vroege morgen schieten mij de tranen in de ogen bij het lezen van je blog .liefs van mij .MAM