Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Project week at school

We had this lovely sunrise this morning and it is promising us a wonderful Spring day.
I won't be able to enjoy much of that sun for I will be spending the whole morning at the primary school of our son and the afternoon is filled with houshold chores but perhaps in between I will find a little time to catch some sun.

At school they are busy with a project about the world. Each class has a country about which they are doing a project. Our son's class is doing it about America and they are all busy making American things. Our son and 4 other children decided to make a powerpoint presentation and as I am good with computer's he asked me to help them make it. So all my free time this week has been claimed by him to help at school. Must say I am enjoying myself very much helping them out and the presentation is becoming quiet nice. We even managed to put in a film of a group singing the national anthem.

Besides the presentation the rest of the class is busy making and doing other American things. For example yesterday the wole class went streetdancing.

And so every class is doing a project about another country and it should be fun to see what they all made and invented. So this coming Sunday the whole school will be opened for public so that everybody can see what the kids have been doing in this project week.


Robb Sempurai said...

Nice pics u got there..keep up the great job.
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Anonymous said...

Wij komen kijken Zondag Groetjes MAM