Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Last week there was this article in the newspaper that really amazed me. It was about children not even knowing where milk comes from! Funny that we live in a world where it seems that even children living in a country with millions of milkgiving cows don't know where milk comes from! According to the article in the newspaper children have lost contact with nature because they spend too much time behind a computer and so if there is no on/off button they don't know about it.

To let children get acquainted with nature farmers have become parttime teachers and children of primary schools can visit these farms to learn about nature. In a way I think it is a good thing that this is the way kids can learn these things but it also saddens me a little that the next generation seems to have lost contact with nature.

A few years ago we visited a museum in Arnhem and see here how our children learned to milk a cow.

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