Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Learning new things

Perhaps most of you won't understand this but I love to learn new things and that is why I am still studying. This year I am studying business economics and I got my certificate for part 1 in December and now I am studying for part 2 (examination in June).

Every monday evening I go to College to follow a lecture about business economics. Very interesting! The lecturer works in the branch himself so he knows all about it. Besides that he has been given these lectures for a very long time. So for him it is quiet easy but for us "the students" it is quiet difficult at times.

Last Monday I followed another lecture for financial arithmetic because I had some problems using the calculator and in this lecture they explained the use of this calculator. It is not just a simple calculator but one with many functions. You can even attach it to a computer to download stuff.

After following this lecture I was very excited for I have always liked maths and algebra. So there I went and I sighned in for this study too. You might be thinking I am crazy but don't worry I am not. I am just very excited to start learning all kinds of calculations. Besides that it keeps me of the road and with this kind of rainy weather we are still having here, that's no problem at all!

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Anonymous said...

Het is heel knap wat je allemaal doet Dan blijf je bij de tijd .