Monday, March 26, 2007

Language mix

For those of you who don't know this: I am also keeping this blog to make me think and write in English again and my it is difficult at times.

In a way it is very funny for when we moved to Gozo many years ago I wasn't happy at all. Besides leaving friends and family behind in Holland nobody could understand me at my new school in Gozo and I couldn't understand anybody! Being somebody who likes to talk and take part this was very hard on me! Good thing it took only 3 months of living in Gozo to make the language no longer a problem. After 3 months I could speak and write in English. Just a few years ago I learned how hard it was for the teachers too. The last time I visited Laura Vicuna School in Ghasri Sr. Antoinette let me know how hard it was on them having to teach kids who didn't understand a word. Well in the end it turned allright!

During my time living in Gozo English became the language in my head and we only spoke Dutch at home. Even then we spoke Dutch with English words in between. Because if we didn't know the Dutch word we would use the English word. So we talked a mix of Dutch and English.

When I returned to live in Holland my Dutch was not perfect at all! In fact I talked the same mix of Dutch and English we used at home in Gozo. People often laughed when they heard me talking and maybe partly because of that I lost a lot of weight in the first months back in Holland. LOL for that was the only part of my life I had the perfect weight!

Living in Holland again slowly Dutch became the language in my head once again and nowadays I think and write in Dutch. Reading in English is still no problem at all. But writing English, is not always easy because now it is the other way round for when I write in English I do think in English, but when I don't know the English word I say it in Dutch. Then to write the proper English word I need a dictionary or the internet!
Anyway in the meantime my English is getting better again and that's what this is all about.


Indelibrella said...

My native language is English, but I think you speak/write it better than I do! :o)

Carin said...

Thanks Kathy, you flatter me!