Monday, March 19, 2007


Outside nature seems to be awaking slowly from its wintersleep but like Sabine wrote in her blog just over a week ago outside it feels "arschkalt" and the best English word I can find for that is ice cold! And that's what it feels like outside right now.

We just had a rather changeable weekend concerning the weather. We had wind, rain and hail. The best place to be was inside! The weatherforecast is even talking about snow but I really hope they are wrong for I don't like that stuff. Not now when Spring is supposed to have arrived. The coming weekend the clock will be put on Summertime and hopefully the temperatures will follow.

On my way to work this morning tears were just rolling down my cheeks because it felt so cold outside. In fact this winter I hardly needed my gloves but today I really wished I had put them on cycling the small distance to and from my work. Just now I looked on the thermometer in our backyard and it showed a low 4 degrees C. Brrrrrrrrrrrrrr, much too cold for me!

At least nature shows, even in our small garden, that Spring is slowly approaching and here are some pictures to show. Just a little more sun and warmth and everything will bloom even more abundantly! Can't wait to see that happen!

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