Saturday, February 17, 2007

Start of a holiday week

Today is a good beginning of a holiday week. The sun is shining bright. The boys are slowly feeling better and coughing less. The weatherforecast for the coming week is good and the garden looks lovely with all these flowers blooming.

Yesterday the kids celebrated carnaval. Well we are not really a carnaval celebrating family but carnaval was celebrated at school. One went as a "punker" to school and the other went with her friend to an evening party at school from 21.30 till 24.00 hour and they went as "princesses". I did ask them where the dress was but this is how they wanted to go. The little tiara on their head had a light in it and was flashing all the time. Besides that they had glitters everywhere. The picture I took doesn't show them. They had great fun just dressing up so the party must have been a succes too.

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