Sunday, February 25, 2007

Spoiled forever!

This blogpost is about memories of long ago when I was spoiled forever by a lovely cinema!

Many years ago when my family lived on the sunny island of Gozo in the middle of the Mediterranean we used to go to the cinema every Sunday afternoon and so we saw all new films as soon as they were out. It cost so little that it didn't matter if you just entered, watched part of the film and just walked out again if you didn't like it. Later we just entered the disco downstairs after leaving the film.

What I want to blog about is the cinema in itself for this week I realised that those weekly visits (in winter) to that lovely cinema have really spoiled me forever. It is a pity I can't share photo's of the inside of that theater with you for it was wonderful inside. Perhaps my cyberfriend Sabine might go to the trouble and take some pictures of the inside if she has a chance. On my last visit to Gozo, a few years ago, I took my husband and children to the Aurora Theater and there was this kind man who opened the door upstairs and let me show them the place I spend so many Sunday afternoons watching all kind of films.

Now what triggered this post:
Our children still have these cinema vouchers they got for their last birthday and we have been looking at the program of the cinema here in town. This week there wasn't anything special on so they didn't go to see a movie. Besides that we looked at the programs of other cinema's too. All this looking brought back these memories of my time in Gozo and therefore this blogpost.

A few years ago they build this new cinema in Doetinchem and though it looks very modern on the outside, inside the cinema is very sober. There is not much to show of the inside for it is very plain but here are some pictures, that I found of the building itself on internet.

My time in Gozo has spoiled me forever concerning cinema's for though I still love watching a good movie I hardly ever go to the cinema in Doetinchem as it feels as if you are put inside a bare space with many rows of chairs.

Funny how you never treasure these kind of things when you have them but always later in life when you can't have them anymore and they have become fond memories.


Anonymous said...

Ja zo gaat het als je bijna 43 bent ga je al terug kijken hoe het vroeger was ,Wat te denken van mij .ADREG

Sabine said...

Carin, I don't think they show any films any longer... that's because we've had a "real" cinema for quite a few years now. No, not as cheap as it used to be but still affordable ;)

George and I also used to go - not only every sunday but as soon as there was a different film on. But we used to go to Aurora's competition: the Astra ;)