Tuesday, February 27, 2007

A river in the dessert

WOW, I just finished reading this book "A river in the dessert" and it really touched me. The 310 page's of this book were devoured by me before I even knew it. It kept me spellbound for a few hours and that was a delight for so I didn't notice all the rain that came down in the meantime. It is a pity that the book is not translated in English, as far as I know, so if you can't read in Dutch you will never get through it ........

The book is about a girl who gets terribly burned in the face and parts of her body. Her boyfriend cannot bear to be close to her anymore and gets a relation with her sister. So she decides to leave home and start a new life elsewhere. There she lives a very secluded life but via internet she gets into contact with a very nice chap. And as you can imagine everything turns OK in the end. It really touched me because it makes you realise what a moment can do to change your life forever! The girl in the book had to go through many operations and had to overcome many difficult situations. She did well but had a very hard time to get there.

Well have to run now as I am returning this book to the library and picking up a new book: Going home by Harriet Evans. (Thanks for the tip Katrin.)

To get there I am going by bike to get my much needed exercise...........

Good thing it stopped raining a little while ago.

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