Sunday, February 11, 2007

Rain and coughing

Well the snow is gone ....... and see what we get RAIN!!! Weather to get sick of and that's what happened for besides the rain most of us are coughing around this house and not feeling well at all. One of our boys is really driving us nuts for he coughs awfully and it even hurts me when he is coughing. At least he is not sleeping most of the time like he did the past 2 days but now the coughing is even worse. Hope for him that he will recover quickly.

So the best place to be is inside today. This morning I took a nice warm bath and enjoyed reading a good book. Well supposed to be good but I am having problems getting through this book (The Haj by Leon Uris) so it doesn't read very fast and in this case I guess writing goes much quicker. Sabine was wondering why writing does not go as fast as reading a good book but I am experiencing the opposite (not that I am good at writing a book).

Now I am going to watch TV for my parents went to Amsterdam to attend a program called Buitenhof and perhaps we shall see them on TV. After the program they are going to Bodies the Exhibition. Not my kind of stuff and I am really curious to know what my parents think of this exhibition. For sure they will not take their bodies for granted ever again after seeing every muscle and bone in the human body.

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Anonymous said...

Het meemaken van de opnames Buitenhof was leuk. Het andere viel best mee LIEFS MAM