Thursday, March 01, 2007

"Night at the museum"

Yesterday afternoon the boys took the vouchers and went to see the film Night at the museum. They had been looking forward to going for several days. To tease them I said I would join them but of course they didn't want me too. So I just brought them there, took some pictures and left.

Here they are busy putting sweets in a bag to take inside with them.
Here you see them checking the price of popcorn. Afterwards they told me:
"It is all quiet expensive, so no popcorn for us, we'll go for some more sweets."
Waiting for the film start.
Finding a comfortable place. There were enough seats to choose from because only 13 people went to see this film.
When I left them I walked a little further up the road to take this picture of the cinema in the distance. I wanted to catch the daffodils in the foreground but didn't succeed very well.
Besides that it started to rain very hard so I found a shelter and really hoped that it wouldn't rain too long. Well I was lucky for here you see the bad weather moving on.

To enter town I walked back to the cinema and took this picture.

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